Twin Peaks-vibes? Seven in Heaven (2018)

Seven in Heaven is a supernatural horror film written and directed by Chris Eigemen. It takes an eerie-spin on the classic party game ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’.

As you could have guessed, the film was produced by Jasom Blum through Blumhouse Productions. Starring Travis Tope as Jude and Haley Ramm as June (I know, confusing) as they attend a highschool party with friends.

Travis Trope as Jude and Haley Ramm as June

Honestly, in all the highschool parties I’ve been to I’ve never once seen anyone play ‘Seven Mintues in Heaven’ but at least this movie takes it on with a twist.

The start of the movie is most of your standard teenage horror film fare. It does a decent enough job setting up the characters, relationships and themes to explore later in the film.

The real action starts with ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ where June and Jude go through a closet and come out in an alternate reality where everything is very Twin Peaks-like.

The movie even has its own red room… Which is well, more like a red town. This is probably where Seven in Heaven really shines. It manages to nail down that Lynchian mystery and “things are not what they seem” vibes very well.

The not so Red Room

But the tone and offbeat atmosphere are the only aspects the movie seems to do well. The characters and writing are both stiff. Whilst they aren’t great they aren’t terrible either.

The dialogue sometimes comes out as awkward or forced. Despite all of that though, I still give the movie a decent 7/10. It is worth the watch if you’re a fan of Twin Peaks or have ran out of other horror movies to watch. Here is the trailer if you want to learn more about the movie!

By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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