Niantic’s New Pet Augmented Reality Game Peridot Looks Incredible

Peridot Pet Augmented Reality Game Promo

After shutting down Wizards Unite, Niantic is back with a new pet augmented reality game!

Niantic took to Twitter to announce its new game Peridot, and for anyone that missed the announcement teaser, you can watch it below!

Peridot Official Announcement Teaser

If you’re interested in the game, it’s already available on iOS and Android in Malaysia, or you can sign up for testing on the official website.

What’s interesting is this is a new IP. Typically, Niantic has developed licensed games, most recently with Pikmin and Transformers.

Peridot also seems to have a bigger focus on augmented reality features and interactivity with the real world.

“Peridot is an upcoming real-world adventure pet game where you care for one-of-a-kind adorable creatures, raise them to adulthood as you explore the world together, and re-diversify their species to protect them from extinction.”

The game will have you raising magical creatures known as Peridots. You’ll be able to play with them, teach them tricks, and best of all—take them with you anywhere!

Funnily enough, Niantic is really putting the Pocket in Pocket Monsters with this game. (Pokémon GO who?)

You’ll be able to take your Peridot on walks, and there’ll also be a wide range of them to collect!

For people missing the breeding aspect of Pokémon in Pokémon GO, this game seems to capitalise on that too.

Niantic says you’ll be able to “band together and collaborate” with other players, to expand Peridot species and breed one of a kind features!

From what we’ve seen so far, the game definitely looks promising, and Niantic is at the forefront for AR gaming.

With that being said, they haven’t had the best track record recently. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was shut down, Catan: World Explorers was cancelled, and Transformers: Heavy Metal still isn’t out.

Don’t get me wrong, Peridot looks incredible, and I’m hopeful this is the start of a winning streak for Niantic.

I’ve been wanting a Tamagotchi-like augmented reality game for a LONG time.

This could be the breath of fresh air we all need, and a nice break from the endless raids in Pokémon GO.

Whilst I’m not sold on the creature designs yet, some of them are super cute! I love that it’s taking a very vibrant and vivid approach. It really nails down the magical vibes.

It’s nice to see Niantic take a risky move, focusing on augmented reality being part of the core gameplay instead of an afterthought too.

Will Peridot be able to recreate the 2016 Pokémon GO magic? Maybe, maybe not. But it is refreshing that Niantic is finally willing to break away from its usual gameplay formula.

I think the success of the game depends on it offering a unique experience, instead of rehashing the usual Niantic gameplay loop, as well as long term support.

It needs to be something people can play alongside other games like Pokémon GO, instead of directly competing with the company’s other titles.

I plan on covering the game more here, as well as on my augmented reality news website!

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Image Sources: Niantic

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