MapleStory Worlds Global Launch Planned For Later This Year

Are you ready to get your Roblox on? Nexon’s MapleStory Worlds global launch is planned for later this year and will allow users to create, host, and share their own games using assets from the Maple world.

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According to the Korean news outlet MTN the MapleStory Worlds global launch will happen in the second half of 2024.

MapleStory Worlds is a game platform similar to Roblox and was first introduced years ago as Project MOD. It launched at the end of 2022 in Korea, MapleStory’s country of origin, but currently isn’t available anywhere else.

The game platform’s official website has been up for quite some time, however aside from the timeframe—there is no definitive release date. It was originally set to be released worldwide earlier but was delayed after Kang Won-Ki, General Director of MapleStory, took over development leadership.

MapleStory Worlds is cross-platform as well as features cross-play. Games built through the platform will be available on PC, iOS and Android.

MapleStory Worlds will give creators access to over 30 million assets from the MapleStory world—including MapleStory 2. Coppersan, a famous MapleStory content creator, has covered a few of the popular games made using the game platform—including a remake of Old School MapleStory!

It didn’t take long for people to remake Classic MapleStory—there were servers available almost immediately after MapleStory Worlds launched. On top of that, Nexon also allows creators to monetize the games they create.

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