Everything we know about Pokémon Masters!

Pokémon Masters is a free-to-play mobile game for Android/iOS that is set to release Summer 2019. The game is being developed by DeNA in partnership with The Pokémon Company.

DeNA has previously worked with Nintendo on other franchises such as Mario, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

The concept for the game came from the series designer and artist, Ken Sugimori who wanted to see all the past characters and trainers from the main titles in one game.


The game is set on the artificial island of Pasio, where you will be participating with your Pikachu in the Pokémon Masters League (PML).

Pasio Island, Source: Official Website

Famous trainers from around the Pokemon world, including Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and Champions will be teaming together to fight 3-on-3 battles.

To join the Pokémon Masters League, you will also be battling PML Leaders that are situated all around Pasio to get badges.

Main Characters

Trainers are only allowed to bring one pokemon with them, to create a ‘sync pair.’ You will be playing as the main character, partnering up and participating with your Pikachu.

Main Characters, Source: Official Website

It seems extremely unlikely that you will be able to change your partner pokemon from Pikachu, however you do not have to use the Main Character in your team formation.

Sync Pairs

Throughout the main story you will meet different trainers from the past pokemon titles. They will be partnered with their iconic pokemon and also form teams with other Sync Pairs.

Sync Pair Art Source: Official Website

At launch the game will feature 65 sync pairs to use, however more will be added post-release through updates.

Sync Pairs In-Game, Source: YouTube Trailer

Battle System

Pokemon Masters strays away from the usual turn-based battling of the mainline games, and instead opts for a more fast paced, real-time battle system.

Fights are 3-on-3 Team Battles, where players create teams out of Sync Pairs. The game also uses a simplified typing system, and shows the type weaknesses above the enemy pokemon.

Battles, Source: Instagram

Moves become available as your move gauge builds up throughout the battle. There is also the option to turn on ‘auto-battling’, and have a computer take over for you.

Every Sync Pair also has a special, unique move known as a ‘Sync Move’. They’re powerful moves you can unleash with your partner Pokemon, which also has an animated cutscene, similar to Z-Moves.

Trainres themselves can also provide support through ‘Trainer Moves.’ These abilities can range from buffing your pokemon, raising their stats, to even healing them.

Unverified (Leaks)

Although this information hasn’t officially been confirmed, it comes from a pretty credible leak. Keep in mind, any of this is subject to change or could have been mistranslated.

  • Pokemon Masters will have a gacha system to get new sync pairs. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the leak, people speculate you will get them from the Pokemon Center.
  • The leak talks about multiplayer online battles. Whilst this does seem like a weird inclusion, DeNA developed both Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which don’t feature normal multiplayer features.
Pokemon Center Visual, Source: Instagram

If you’re interested in Pokemon Masters, you can follow development on the official website!

I’m really excited to try out the game, it seems like it’ll offer a bite-sized Pokemon experience for mobile that’s more similar to the mainline titles. I just hope if they implement a gacha system, it’s fair.

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