Wondering what augmented reality or geolocation game to play? Our best augmented reality games 2022 list will help! So, with the shutdown of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Minecraft Earth, what choices are there?

Here are the top three best augmented reality games 2022. These titles are the most played and most actively supported out there! Be prepared to see plenty of Niantic…

Pokémon GO

Starting our list with the most obvious—Pokémon GO! The game that started the AR craze, and is still topping charts in 2022. You can’t go wrong with the classic.

The game is still as strong as ever, doing even better than when it was originally released in 2016. The gameplay still holds up incredibly well, and Niantic has built on the features since release.

From PvP to trading, questing, and even trainer battles—the game is feature-filled. It also receives events every week, and the Community Day events are always a blast!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to reinstall Pokémon GO! It’s the perfect game to play whenever you head out on a walk, and it’s great with friends.

Orna RPG

The perfect love-letter to classic RPGs and the 90s pixel aesthetic, Orna RPG is a must-play. The game plays like RuneScape or Dragon Quest as an augmented reality/geolocation title.

It’s absolutely packed with content, and has been growing rapidly via word of mouth. Best of all? The game is completely free-to-play. There aren’t any pay-to-win aspects.

Combat is the classic turn-based style, and the pixel style is extremely charming. There are also a wide range of classes to choose from, and you can even get your own pixel pet!

Want to play as a sorcerer? Or maybe a daring rogue? You can also go the classic route of a tank warrior—or perhaps blend the classes together! The developers have recently started the Halloween event, and dropped a new Summoner class. The best time to join is now!

Pikmin Bloom

A sleeper hit that absolutely belongs on the best augmented reality games 2022 list, Pikmin Bloom is worth your time. The game grew from a partnership (again) between Niantic and Nintendo.

Pikmin Bloom takes the iconic, cute plant-alien-friend franchise to geolocation, augmented reality heights! However, instead of puzzles and fighting off nasty aliens, you’ll be planting flowers around the world.

This game is also the perfect buddy to Pokémon GO. It doesn’t need to be up all the time, so whilst you’re catching Pokémon, you can play Pikmin in the background!

Pikmin Bloom is pretty simple. You just go about your day, walk around, plant flowers—and you guessed it. Watch them bloom!

You’ll do all of this with your plant-friends—the Pikmin! You’ll grow them from seedlings, and in turn, they’ll help you plant flowers (as long as you feed them)!

The game is relaxing, cute, and perfect to keep up in the background. It’s also a great social title, and fitness motivator.

Honorable Mention—The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a fantastic augmented reality RPG that almost makes our list. Due to recent changes, the game has improved but has also taken steps backwards.

For that reason, we can’t recommend it as full-heartedly as the other titles mentioned on our best augmented reality games 2022 list. However, it’s free-to-play and still worth checking out!

If you’re a huge fan of The Witcher franchise, that’s another reason to give the game a shot. It’s fast-paced and one of the few AR titles with proper, action-based combat.

It’s also the only Witcher title where you get to create your character! The graphics are incredible, and it utilizes AR more than the other games on this list.

Are these titles not quite what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! There are quite a few upcoming augmented reality games to keep an eye out for. Like Peridot and the recently announced MARVEL World Of Heroes!

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