Tarisland Ranger Class Preview Video Shows Off Skills & More

With the launch of the new Tarisland Ranger class preview video—no doubt the developers are trying to drum up excitement for the impending launch. The game is currently set to release early 2024, with people speculating this April.

Check out the new Tarisland ranger class preview video!

Compared to other theme park MMORPGs, for instance, World of Warcraft, the Ranger class in Tarisland will seem familiar. There are currently two specializations, with the option to choose between “Tamed Beast” or “Hunting” trees.

The Tamed Beast specialization will allow you to summon and control a beast to help you hunt down enemies. While the Hunting tree is focused on honing the user’s bow and arrow skills to pierce through and quickly take down enemies.

This video also hints at a Class Ultimate System that is exclusive to the Ranger class profession. It’ll allow the player to swap Ultimates based on the situation.

The preview also showcases a few different abilities, however, we’re not sure which specializations the skills are for. If you’re interested in Tarisland, you can learn more over on the official website and sign-up to our newsletter for all the latest information!

By Camellia Hao Ren

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