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Wild Geese—A Great Introduction to Mary Oliver’s Poetry

Are you interested in Mary Oliver’s poetry, but not sure where to start? The poem Wild Geese is a perfect introductory point. It highlights all of her writing’s strengths and her soft-spoken style.

Dragon Quest Treasures Is A Fresh And Exciting Spin-Off

The new Dragon Quest spin-off, Treasures, has me hyped and counting down the days on my calendar. The game is releasing later this year, on December 9th, for the Nintendo Switch.

Will Niantic’s NBA All-World Recreate Pokémon GO’s Magic?

Niantic’s NBA All-World was revealed to the public a few months ago—followed by the news of them canceling other game projects. Seeing as this game survived the culling, they must be pretty confident about it.

Niantic Cancels More Projects—What’s Happening?

Earlier this year, Niantic shut down Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and closed the curtains on Catan: World Explorers. Now, Niantic cancels more projects, including the recently announced Transformers: Heavy Metal.

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