Is it worth watching ‘The A List’ on Netflix?

The A List is a British thriller series that originally premiered in the UK last year, but finally made its way international on Netflix, August 30th.

It follows Mia (played by Lisa Ambalavanar), on a remote island for a summer camp, that quickly takes a terrifying turn. Is it worth the watch?

I know, the premise sounds a lot like the start of a super cliche slasher-summer camp horror, but it really subverts your expectations.

Instead of Jason Voorhees slashing through summer camp counsellors, The A List gives you the mysterious Amber, and delves deep into the occult.

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Overall, I think The A List is average at best. It just misses the mark on being amazing due to a weak start, but it’s still an enjoyable TV Series.

As mentioned before, the story is set-up similar to a slasher movie, with characters written into tropes like the popular girl, nerd, or jock.

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The series is quick to break the characters out of their stereotypes though, and the story is actually well-written with some good twists.

The creators of the show, Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier do a great job at creating a tense atmosphere, with the right amount of mystery and creepy.

Despite all these positives though, the shortcomings of The A List really weigh it down. Even though the story and writing is good, the series lacks in how it’s delivered.

I felt like the actors took way too long to grow into their roles, which left the first half of the series with really awkward performances and unbelievable scenes.

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Though, once they do grow into their roles they do an amazing job, it’s just a bit too late. In particular, Lisa Ambalavanar (Mia) and Ellie Duckles (Amber) really shine.

That’s why I really hope we see the story continue for The A List. Even though Season 1 might not be spectacular, its good enough and sets up for an interesting second season.

Spend one summer on Peregrine Island and make memories that will stay with you forever.

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I want to end this with a quote from the series. Whilst it might not make you memories that last forever, it’s really enjoyable and worth checking out if you’re a fan of horror.

The A List has some really interesting ideas, and the episodes have a fairly short run time. I also loved how it referenced other popular horror fiction like Stephen King’s Carrie.

By Camellia Hao Ren

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