Streets of Rage VR? Path of the Warrior

Streets of Rage VR? Path of the Warrior

If you ever wanted Streets of Rage VR look no further! Path of the Warrior from Twisted Pixel Games has you covered.

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I know I’m late on the train. Path of the Warrior dropped back in 2019, but I finally got around to playing it!

In terms of gameplay, Path of the Warrior is a brawler game. It’s similar to Drunkn’ Bar Fight in that regard. As you could guess, you fight people using your fists – or whatever other deadly weapon you can find.

Path of the Warrior takes this concept to the next level though. In both execution and presentation, Path of the Warrior has Drunkn’ Bar Fight beat.

Combat in Path of the Warrior feels tight with enough challenge and variety to keep you hooked. There’s enough options for special kicks and abilities!

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Nothing beats popping your ultimate skill and One Punch Man’ning the enemies. Or grabbing the closest frying pan to fight off neon ninjas with!

The visuals and art style are absolutely captivating too. It really feels like you’ve been dropped in an old 90s side scrolling Beat ’em up.

I’ve check out some of the developers other games, and it seems like the nostalgic art style is something they do really well. Their other game B-Team looks like Metal Slug come to life (Which I’ll definitely get around to reviewing).

Although I didn’t get a chance to play around with it too much, the game also offers a co-op mode. Which is great if you want to relive the days of arcade Beat ’em ups with a friend.

Path of the Warrior offers several unique levels and cool boss fights. There are also unlockables to work towards! Whilst the game isn’t the longest experience, it’ll still last you several hours of play time.

The novelty of a first-person Beta ’em up never wore off for me either! One of the only complaints I have about the game is that I wanted more.

Like most VR games, it does feel like it could use more content. It’s a shame because the game feels like it’s a few more levels or updates away from being perfect.

Path of the Warrior Screenshot

The only other major gripe was kicks felt awkward. You’d press a button and a leg would fly out! I would rather the game double down on adding more to punches or abilities. The disembodied kicks threw you out of immersion.

So is Path of the Warrior worth buying? Hell yeah! Especially if you’re looking for Streets of Rage VR. It’ll punch you right in the nostalgia, and is a great game if you want to relive your days of Final Fight or Double Dragon.

Path of the Warrior is available on the Oculus Store. If you can’t justify grabbing it at full price, the game does go on sale every now and again.

By Camellia Hao Ren

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