A Good Mobile Looter Shooter? Eyes On The Division Resurgence.

For those waiting for a good mobile looter shooter to finally drop—could our prayers finally be answered? The Division Resurgence looks almost too good to be true!

Watch the official gameplay walkthrough from Ubisoft!

Resurgence is a free-to-play title, and was first announced earlier this year, back in July. Its story will take place before Division 1 and 2.

For fans of the original, console games—Resurgence throws you into the role of first-wave Division agents. You’ll be the initial responders who were sent to New York following the Green Poison outbreak.

From a story standpoint, this might be the most interesting yet. We’ll be seeing the collapse of society and government just weeks after it happens.

Compared to the series’ first two titles, which happened varying months after the crisis. They’ll also be introducing a new faction, the Freemen.

The Division franchise has some of the best worldbuilding in any videogame I’ve played. So, the expansion of lore is exciting. People wanting great gameplay and story won’t be disappointed. Hopefully.

But let’s get down to what matters right? We want a good mobile looter shooter. How is the gameplay? What about gunplay?

The Division Resurgence Gameplay Screenshot

The game looks like a copy and paste of the mainline titles. It looks like they just grabbed up Division 2 and threw it on a phone—which is for the best.

It’s not like your usual series mobile tie-in game. It doesn’t look like Ubisoft dumbed down any mechanics, and the vision matches the first two titles.

Aside from the move to touch controls (hey, it is a mobile game after all)—As you can see the combat and controls are the same in the Resurgence Walkthrough video.

We’ll still be getting that adrenaline rush when bullets fly by with the fast-paced third-person action. It has me really excited we’re still getting the same depth with the gunplay and cover-shooting mechanics.

“This game retains all the core gameplay mechanics that make up the foundations of Division games while adapting the controls to handheld devices, making it easier than ever to keep on fighting.”

In an old blog post, the developers announced they wanted to faithfully adapt the videogame when bringing it to mobile. We can expect—hopefully the experience is all the same. From the depth of the RPG mechanics and variety of content.

Guess what? We’ll even be getting the much-loved Dark Zone! Resurgence will offer the same gameplay loop, with an open-world New York to explore.

A look at Resurgence’s User Interface and Menus

They’ve even kept the signature style of UI. We can also see that the customization and depth for characters as well as loot have stayed the same.

There are the same rarity levels, mods to collect for your guns, and crafting! Worried they might rip out the Specialization system?

Don’t worry! They’re keeping all of that in, too. Resurgence will keep the same RPG systems found in Division 1 & 2 for character class building.

They’ve also confirmed there’ll be just as deep storyline, with a complete PVE Campaign/Storymode. It’ll be playable Solo or with Friends.

The Division Resurgence’s biggest challenges seem like they’ll be the graphics and performance. In the gameplay videos we’ve seen so far, it looks stuttery at best.

Hopefully, they can iron the performance out! The graphics still look incredible, especially for an open-world mobile title… It has me wishing we’ll see a port to PC in the future. I need something to tide me over until The Division Heartlands!

Take a sneaky look at the most recent announcement?

We’re still not sure when the release date will be—but the developers have an announcement coming soon! Fingers crossed it’s before 2023.

You can follow the developers on Twitter for the latest updates—and also preregister on the iOS App Store, and Google Play. The developers are also running closed tests!

The prospect of a good mobile looter shooter finally has me so excited. Hopefully The Division Resurgence can live up to the hype!

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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