7 Deadly Sins Origin—Genshin Impact Competition?

First announced a year or two ago, we’ve finally got more information on 7 Deadly Sins Origin! Proper gameplay footage was finally shown off at the new GDC event.

Check out the new 7 Deadly Sins Origin Gameplay Footage from GDC!

The developers, Netmarble, have been quite tight-lipped about the game. However, it’s looking to be worth it considering the new gameplay footage.

The game looks heavily inspired by Genshin Impact (which was also heavily inspired by Breath Of The Wild), which isn’t a bad thing. Genshin set the standard for more “console-level” quality for mobile games.

In the new 7 Deadly Sins Origin gameplay, we see elements like the team-based battling system (4 people instead of Genshin’s 3), the different traversal elements, and even swimming!

The graphics look absolutely gorgeous, and what’s more exciting—is we’ll be getting this on PC, Mobile, AND Console. Hope for a Nintendo Switch release of Genshin Impact is pretty much gone, so this could fill the void.

As a huge 7 Deadly Sins (and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse manga/sequel) this has me quite excited. The release is scheduled apparently to be sometime this year, and the gameplay footage has my hyped.

If you want to stay up to date with news, you can follow Netmarble on Twitter, as well as the fan-run 7DS Origin News account.

Curious about what other games to look forward to? Honkai Star Rail from the Genshin devs looks promising, as well as the Dragon Ball Super Digital Card Game.

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