DC Universe Online PS5 Launch—New Native Client

If you’re looking to jump back into the iconic superhero MMO, the DC Universe Online PS5 launch is here! The new client was developed for the next-gen console, bringing in a range of improvements.

Check out the DC Universe Online PS5 Launch Trailer!

The new PS5 client launched on March 26th and is part of the development team’s plan to modernize the game for years to come. This isn’t the only next-gen client coming—the team is also working hard on a native client for Xbox Series X|S consoles, too.

Up until now, while DCUO had been playable on PS5 consoles via backwards-compatibility—the PS4 version of the game wasn’t optimized for the console. This new client has a higher frame rate, better graphics (natively running at 4K), smoother transitions, and faster loading times.

The developers also believe that a proper PS5 version will also help with visibility on PSN and bring new players in.

Servers for the PlayStation 5 version of the game went live at 8AM PT/11AM ET on March 26th last week. If you have any questions or concerns about the DC Universe Online PS5 version, there’s an in-depth FAQ over on the official website.

Common questions include:

  • Can you still play with your friends on PS4 and PC?
    Yes. The PlayStation 5 version of the game still shares the same servers as the PS4 and PC versions.
  • Do my characters, account and purchases from the PS4 version transfer to PS5?
    Yes. Your characters, account, and purchases are all attached to your PlayStation account. When you download the PS5 version, just simply log in with the same PlayStation account.

This year is looking pretty packed for DCUO, and being one of the only superhero live service games – it’s running the market. We’ve attached a picture of the most recent roadmap—as you can see, there’s not one but two new episodes planned for this year along with the Xbox Series X|S release and events.

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